• From 850 up to 2700A
  • Max. voltage 480V, 600V or 690V AC as option
  • Load type: Inductive Load, Transformer and MoSi2 element.
  • Inputs: SSR, 0:10V, 4:20mA, 10KPot and Communication Std.
  • Firing mode: Delay Triggering + Burst Firing (DT), Phase Angle (PA) or Soft Start + Phase Angle (S+PA); Current Limit is available with Phase Angle

General Details
Multidrive 1PH Thyristor Power Controller

  • Thyristors suitable for resistive, inductive & transformer loads
  • Current range – 850A, 1000A, 1400A, 1500A, 1850A, 2000A, 2400A, 2700A
  • Supply voltage up to 480V as standard, 600V & 690V available as option
  • Microprocessor based electronic circuit fully isolated from the power
  • Firing types include Burst Firing (BF), Single Cycle (SC), Soft Start + Burst Firing (S+BF), Delayed Triggering + Burst Firing
  • (DT+BF), Phase Angle (PA), Soft Start + Phase Angle (S+PA).
  • Input signals from 4-20mA, 0-10V DC Linear input, 10K Pot or RS485 comms
  • Selectable control modes include V, I, VxI, V2
  • Current limit as standard including internal current transformer, fully adjustable via front panel keypad
  • Profiling of current limit via analogue input
  • Heater Break (HB) alarm to diagnose partial or total load failure with automatic setting, relay alarm output and front LED indication.
  • 4 configurable Analogue outputs, 4 Relay outputs and 6 Digital inputs as standard
  • Internal quick-blow fuses as standard
  • RS485 comms (Modbus Protocol) as standard
  • Critical Alarms monitor phase loss, rotation and provide Thermal Protection
  • Special design Heatsink with high dissipation value
  • IP20 protectionComplies with CE specification.


ENG L M CD Multidrive-1PH 1100A

Manual MULTIDRIVE 1PH 1100A (English Version)

3.4 MiB 2 November 2015
ENG L M CD Multidrive-1PH 1500A

Manual MULTIDRIVE 1PH 1500A (English Version)

2.5 MiB 13 July 2015
ENG L M CD Multidrive-1PH 850A

Manual MULTIDRIVE 1PH 850A (English Version)

3.4 MiB 13 July 2015
ENG L M CD Multidrive-1PH 850A - 690V

Manual MULTIDRIVE 1PH 850A - 690V (English Version)

4.3 MiB 13 July 2015



GER L M CD Multidrive-1PH 25-700A

Manuelle MULTIDRIVE 1PH von 25A bis 700A (Deutsch Version)

934.8 KiB 4 June 2014


ThyristorConfigurator V5.6.4.14

Thyristor configurator sofware
Multidrive 1/2/3 PH,
CD3000E 2/3 PH,
REVO M 1/2/3 PH,
REVO PC RPC08 / RPC18 / RPC28 / RPC38 / RPC48

27.0 MiB 26 May 2016


The software configuration is free and it is possible to download it by clicking the image on the left.
If the Order Code is in line with requirement, then MULTIDRIVE has been already configured in Factory and it’s ready to use. You need the software only to modify the ordered configuration. Anyway we suggest to check the unit on the machine with the “Test unit” section. To install the software, launch the program and follow the instructions on the screen. To connect the unit at the PC, it’s necessary to use the programming cable connected between the PG connectorand the serial port RS232 of the PC. The programming cable is not included. With the CD-RS serial converter is possible configure the Thyristor unit also through the RS485. For this solution, the programming cable is not necessary.


CCA Cable for unit configuration need a driver to be used on Windows PC. This is the executable version to install automatically the driver into the PC system.

2.0 MiB 6 May 2016


CCA Cable for unit configuration need a driver to be used on Windows PC. This is the zipped version of ini file.

1.3 MiB 6 May 2016

Size & Dimension