Have you ever considered the Impact of Wiring and Labour Installation Costs on the value your project?

Well We have and it could be halved:
  • eliminating wires:
  • cut
  • number
  • stripping
  • link
  • panels to be drilled…
  • all operations that require time and will have an effect on your the final cost.
Now you can reduce costs and space with REVO RT, the innovative system of thermoregulation.
Compare the new REVO TC to a traditional system and you save:
  • 11 wires for each zone.
  • Each zone takes 11 minutes (see the diagram).
  • For each zone you save 11 wires x 11 minutes = 121 minutes in total.
  • If you use descrete controllers you also avoid the panel cutting/drilling.
  • Thats another 15 minutes per controller.
  • Thats a total time saved of 136 minutes for zone.
  • So how many zones/loops do you sell in one year?


Have you ever considered the Impact of Wiring and Labour Installation Costs on the value your project?

Traditional system
Today many machines adopt the traditional
system layout as shown below on the left.
Distribuited-systems-Co-Extrusion-II As can be seen, the new REVO RT distribuited hardware solution, will give crucial saving such as:

  • Number of wires (cable and labour cost).
  • Errors in wiring the machine.
  • No wire channels.
  • Cable lenght reduced by 80%.
  • Cabinet’s space reduced.Consider that each cabinet section
  • The cabinet space used is a key factor.
  • If the space of components used is doubled then the cabinet size is doubled.


  • Labour for wiring reduced dramatically using multiple cable with connector.
  • Reduction of used space, saving cabinet cost.
  • Single loop integrity with easy local identification of the faulty zone.
  • REVO RT two zones up to 35A is normally used for packaging machinery.
  • REVO RT three zones up to 50A is normally used for plastics machinery.
  • REVO RT up to 90A in one, two and three phase versions is normally used in Furnaces.
  • PID temperature controller with Pre Tune, Self Tune and Manual tuning
  • Up to three Heating Only or Heating and Cooling PID Loops
  • RS485 communication from 19200 to 57600 Baud Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Auto/Manual bump less balances .
  • Configurable input for Thermocouples and linear Signal.
  • Five configurable Relay outputs for Alarm, Cooling output or Motor Start Enable.
  • Programming port USB with CD Automation programming cable.
  • Solid State Relay 35, 50, 75 or 90A
  • 480V or 600V Max
  • Integrated Etrarapid Fuses
  • Integrated Current Transformer with Heater Break Alarm Option
  • Heatsink + Fan
  • Panel Mounting
  • Indication LED

Select one of the Below Models:

REVO RT – 3-zone PID power controller up to 90A


  • 3 Control loops in the same unit
  • Load monitoring and alarms
  • Integrated SSR
  • Up to 90A per channel
  • Integrated high-speed fuses (standard)
  • Data always available via Fieldbus
  • Reduction of wiring and spaces

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