Technical Specification
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°
  • Voltage Power Supply: 480V & 600V Max.
  • Auxiliary Power Supply: 110V / 220V / 415V AC
  • Fan Voltage supply: 230V ±15% as a standard and 110V on request
  • Analog Input 1: Primary reference - Current Input 0-20mA / 4-20mA - Voltage Input 0-10V - Potentiometer Input 10K Ohm min
  • Analog Input 2: External Current Limit, External feedback, alternate Setpoint
  • Digital Input: Two optoisolated digital input (12/24V DC), for Enable, SP AI1/ AI2, local / remote, heater bakeout, Alarm reset
  • Alarm Digital Output: Heater Break, Short circuit, Current Limit, SCR over temperature, watch dog, Relay Output
  • Firing: Soft Start + Phase Angle / Burst firing / Zero cross over
  • Soft Start Control: Digital adjustable ramp rate can be used
  • Control Feedback Mode: V/ V2/ I/ I2/ Vxl
  • Fuses: High speed Semiconductor fuses fitted Internally
  • Mounting: Panel mounting
  • Protection: IP20

General Details


3 phase unit to drive 3 phase load

  • Toshcon CD REVO I – 3PH is a Full digital and universal Thyristor unit based on a very powerful dedicated micro configurable via serial communication port for all inputs, control modes with Phase Angle or Burst Firing
  • Micro USB / RS485 to configure the Thyristor, software free available
  • Suitable to drive resistive, inductive, transformer and complex loads requiring current limit and power feedback
  • Universal Input Signal with automatic zero / span calibration
  • Universal firing modes, customer configurable via RS485 comm. as Burst Firing & Phase Angle
  • 2nd Analogue Input for current limit facility or external feedback
  • Universal Control mode V/ V2/ I/ I2/ Vxl
  • Soft Start facility as standard & can be used in additional to Burst Firing
  • Unbalanced load, Heater Break & Heat Sink over temp. alarm
  • 4 LEDs on front for various indications
  • Internal fuses are standard
  • IP20 Protection
  • Comply with CE EMC
  • Front LED Display as option

Operator Panel “KP” (Option)

KP Operator Panel is designed to be mounted on the front of the cabinet and to be connected to most CD Automation thyristor units via RS485.
Parameters, power, current and alarms can be read on the display.
Local/Remote, Up and Down and Function commands are also available.

Applications and Focus on:

  • Infrared lamp
  • Fournaces
  • Autoclaves
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Climatic chambers
  • Pharmaceuticals
Code / Size

REVO I 3PH – Order Code

REVO I 3PH – Size & Dimensions

Current: 100A / 125A / 150A

Size S11:  W 137 mm – H 440 mm – D 270 mm – Weight 10,5 Kg
Download 3D model: S11

Current: 225A

Size S13:  W 262 mm – H 440 mm – D 270 mm – Weight 18 Kg
Download 3D model: S13

Current: 300A-500A

Size S14: W 262 mm – H 520 mm – D 270 mm – Weight 22 Kg
Download 3D model: S14

SW / Comm

Free Software to configure REVO I:
The configuration is done via a normal USB 2.0 cable – male A type to male Micro-B and through a free configuration software.

The USB port on the front of the unit allows the configuration of REVO I in a simple and safe way since the unit is powered by the USB port itself (load and auxiliary voltage not necessary).

Configurabilità del REVO ConnectFAST TUNE

The all new powerful Thyristor Configurator Software allows you to configure all CD Automation products quickly and easily by using the FAST MODE. Simply select your application and the load type picture appears automatically, providing a list of suggested parameter settings. Depending on your application requirements, you can accept or make manual adjustments and when ready, download direct to the thyristor unit.

Configurabilità del REVO Connect

The TEST page is very useful when installing & commissioning CD Automation products as well as finding process issues or fine tuning at a later stage. You can read, write, enable and disable key values and parameters to test your load. Examples include; reading voltage, current and power values, or current limit status, changing input types between analog or SSR, control (feedback) modes V, I and VxI, or select firing types half cycle, single cycle, burst firing, delayed triggering, phase angle and soft start. The new ‘Load Analyzer’ (a small oscilloscope) can be activated from this page, see below.

Analizzatore del Carico

Provides real-time information of the output waveform, where you can select up to 10 process variables to help the operator determine if the waveform is in line with process expectations. Also useful for trouble shooting.

Registrazione della Variabile di Processo del REVO ConnectPROCESS VARIABLE LOGGING

In REVO C Storage: 16GB SD Memory Card with programmable Logging Intervals. Estimated storing 10 years. On other CD Automation Products the logging intervals are a fix value.


REVO I 3PH – Documentation



User Manual REVO I 3PH from 100A to 500A

3D Model

Size: S11
Size: S13
Size: S14

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