Multichannel Power Controller

Integrated unit:
The modular system of our units allows to integrate all the components and control functions of the electric heating.

Less overheads
Up to 70% wiring savings, your cabinet become up to 80% less in dimension, reduction of commissioning times (-20%)

Smart diagnostics
The smart diagnostic functions immediately detect and localize errors in the load circuit with the support of the extensive TIA system diagnostics

Easy integration of the heating process
Libraries and examples already available make the heating process easily integrated into the automation system based on Siemens or Rockwell PLC systems

The engineering efficiency with TIA Portal guarantees maximum integration of all components with a shared database.

Integrated load management
The load is evenly distributed on the network as allowed by the specified setpoint values.


Revo PN – Suitable to control Electric Heaters and IR Lamps in Industrial Heating Systems


  • Modules of 12 or 24 zones already divided into three phases or one phase from 4 to 24 zones
  • Logic input SSR 7÷30Vdc 9mA Max (ON ≥7Vdc OFF <6Vdc)
  • L1 - L2 - L3 Power Input 370 - 480V
  • Nominal current in continuous service Max 25A for each load
  • Max peak current (10ms) 700A
  • Nominal Voltage range Ue 24 - 600V
  • Isolation Voltage Ui 2500Vac

REVO PC Product Details – Reduce Power Peaks Maximise your savings


  • Suitable for Normal Resistance and IR Lamp
  • To be used with REVO S and REVO Sx
  • Firing Mode: SC, HC and Dynamic Burst Firing
  • Reduce Peak of Power and let you save Energy
  • Modbus RTU, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and other fieldbus
  • Heater Break Alarm

REVO PB – Three one phase SCR power controller with power optimization algorithm


  • 3 independent power controllers in one compact product
  • Process data always available via fieldbus
  • Front LEDs for simplified diagnostics
  • Monitoring of RMS voltage, current and power
  • Integrated USB and RS485 port
  • Reduction of cabling and space used

  • REVO TH – Compact power controller with modular multi-zone SCR


  • 3 independent power controllers in one compact product
  • Max voltage 480V up to 90A
  • Thyristor unit with high I2T
  • Synchronization circuit
  • Integrated extra fast fuses
  • Digital input and relay output
  • HB alarm
  • High precision current transducer
  • Monitoring of RMS voltage, current and power
  • Communication: RS485 Modbus
  • Reduction of cabling and space used

  • REVO RT – 3-zone PID power controller up to 90A


  • 3 Control loops in the same unit
  • Load monitoring and alarms
  • Integrated SSR
  • Up to 90A per channel
  • Integrated high-speed fuses (standard)
  • Data always available via Fieldbus
  • Reduction of wiring and spaces

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