• Suitable for Normal Resistance and IR Lamp
  • To be used with REVO S and REVO Sx
  • Firing Mode: SC, HC and Dynamic Burst Firing
  • Reduce Peak of Power and let you save Energy
  • Modbus RTU, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and other fieldbus
  • Heather Break Alarm

General Details

Have You Considered How Peak Power Could be a Problem to Your Business?

The REVO PC unit is designed to handle applications with many zones. This enhanced unit, thanks to a particular algorithm, minimize your energy costs through the sync function and the power limit for each zone.

Benefits include:

  • Each loop’s process information is managed independently
  • Calculation of instant current and RMS Voltage, Current and Power
  • Calculation of load resistance with Heater Break Alarm
  • Modbus Master, Modbus slave, Profilbus DP, ProfiNet, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet IP and other
  • Elimination of power overshoot (see video)
  • Power factor close to one due to zero crossing firing
  • REVO-PC keeps your instantaneous power within the limit of your electricity supply contract
  • Prevents increases in energy supply tariffs imposed by your electricity supplier
  • Quick return on your investment.

This powerful unit with its high performance micro can drive simple thyristor unit REVO S. By using the REVO PC, simple thyristor units can be used reducing the overall financial investment. Simultaneous fast full wave control of

  • 8-16-24 one phase zones all connected to the same phase
    ex: 24 zones with Phase R – Neutral connection or 24 zones with Phase R – Phase S connection.
  • 24 one phase zones distributed on the three phase
    ex: 8 off 24 with Phase R – Neutral; 8 off 24 with Phase S – Neutral and 8 off 24 with Phase T – Neutral
    ex: 8 off 24 with Phase R – Phase S; 8 off 24 with Phase S – Phase T and 8 off 24 with Phase T – Phase R
  • 8 three phase zones for 3 phase loads
    Delta or Star Connection and Star + Neutral Connection
  • 8 zones               REVO E – 2PH/3PH for 3 phase transformer with pure resistive load on secondary

Mishandling the Use of Power Results in Higher cost and Expensive Penalties for Exceeding the Contractual limits. Today, Thanks to REVO PC Technology and our Thyristor Units, all This is Under Control. Key Benefits Include:

  • Synchronize the Demand for Primary Power.
  • Eliminate the Peak Instantaneous Power
  • Bringing the Power Factor Close to 1.
  • Minimizes Energy Cost.
  • Fieldbus Communication
  • Heater Break and Thyristor Short Circuit Alarms.
  • A Good Investment Can Save Money.

REVO PC is Capable of Maintaining the Power Below your contractual Limits, Allowing You to Choose the Right Consumption Most Convenient to Your Business.

ThyristorConfigurator V5.6.4.14

Thyristor configurator sofware
Multidrive 1/2/3 PH,
CD3000E 2/3 PH,
REVO M 1/2/3 PH,
REVO PC RPC08 / RPC18 / RPC28 / RPC38 / RPC48

27.0 MiB 26 May 2016


CCA Cable for unit configuration need a driver to be used on Windows PC. This is the executable version to install automatically the driver into the PC system.

2.0 MiB 6 May 2016


CCA Cable for unit configuration need a driver to be used on Windows PC. This is the zipped version of ini file.

1.3 MiB 6 May 2016